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We also design and fabricate wirerope handling equipment such as spooling winch and double roller coiling machine. Our spooling & coiling machines come in maximum reel weight capacities from 35 to 150 Ton and are equipped with hydraulic-controlled constant back tensioning for even coiling or uncoiling of steel wirerope, PP ropes, cables, etc.


150T Spooling Machine Typical Specifications:

  • Holding Capacity: up to 150Ton
  • Back Capacity: up to 20Ton
  • Drum Speed: 1-5RPM
  • Drum Type: Adjustable Type
  • Drum Length: 1900mm to 3800mm
  • Drum Diameter: up to 3900mm
  • HPU System: Closed loop constant tension
  • HPU Drive: 217HP DEUTZ diesel engine
  • Cooling System: HYDAC air blast cooler